Friday, April 8, 2011

The Secret Belizean OS Codes

 OK, some folks have asked about the secret Masonic Codes and the secret OS Codes.  I will discuss only the secret Belizean OS codes here.

They are really very simple.  OS 1 is "Oh shit the cat....  OS2 is "Oh shit the dog..."  OS3 is "oh shit the old hen."  And OS4 is "Oh shit the old man." 

So then you tie them together with other alpha codes.  Such as:

OS1 is SGB

The cat is sleep guarding the bedroom

OS2 is SGD

The dog is sleep guarding the deck

OS3 is APC

The old hen is awake playing on the computer

OS4 is RFS

The old man is ready for a freaking siesta


Another easyone.  "Oh shit, everyone is loco in le cabaza ahhh ha ha ha

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