Monday, April 18, 2011

Do cats & Birds Fight?

Oh yeah.  Mr. Rum fights these birds every morning.  First he hets chased up the fence by the dog.  The two birds try and get him off the fence.  He runs when the dog chases him.  But Mr. Rum don't back down from the birds.  The other day Mr. Lido felt bad about the birds attacking Mr. Rum and ran barking and chased the birds off.

I was so proud.

Birds flanking Mr. Rum on both sides

                                                                The stare off at high noon
                                                                 Airborne has an definate advange

                                                          But Mr. Rum refuses give up his ground

                                             Now it's time to stalk and close with the enemy

                                                    This boy be serious,  Eventually he'll get them

                                                         Fights over for today.  Time for R&R

Refuling for the next battle.

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