Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Fade to Grey"

Well my friends, I decided to do a short book critique on Marc Sanders’ “Fade to Grey.”  You may ask why this book with a storyline in the USA is in a blog about Belize?  Fair question and a simple answer.  It’s because Sanders lives and travels throughout the Americas, including here in Belize.  I got the chance to meet him, so I decided to read his book.

I ordered the book from and it took a couple of weeks to get to my nice Central American community.  The post office charged me about a dollar “custom’s fee” and I went happily on my way.

I won’t give you the story itself as it is a good read and I recommend it for anyone that likes a good crime fiction story.  But basically it’s about a journalist whose family gets hurt by some cult/crime elements and then he and some “shadowy” associates go out for some justice.

My Review:

I liked the style of the writing as each chapter was short enough to not get boring, yet had enough detail to make me want to read the next chapter.  The chapters then went back and forth between the different characters and events happening in the story to keep my interest up wondering what would happen next.  All in all, I thought it very well written and interesting.

Another aspect of the story is that Sanders has a lot of experience in journalism and in law enforcement, which in my opinion reflected in the story making this fictional story appear realistic.  Finally, the ending of the story has a very cool twist that caught me totally off guard.

So, overall, the book was a nice easy read, entertaining and captivating, included elements from south of the North Americas, and was nice to read while relaxing on the Caribbean Sea.  I definitely give it a thumbs up.

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