Friday, April 1, 2011


Well friends, I had to carry to carry the old hen to Dangriga the other day.  The growth and progress over the last few years is significant.  Nice and new govrenment buildings for customs, immigration, lands, and such.   I will get some pics of them on my next trip.  But also lots of new stores and such. 

Hanging out at the old SuperSaver

I enjoy shopping at the old market for the few things I can't get free. 

This is the new big supper store up on the Valley Road.  They are like a small wallmart. 

Inside of the store

Good prices on Machetes.  I no go anywhere without one.

Lots of groceries there too.  It's nice to get cambells soup or some heinze tarter sauce to go with my free fish and bananas and gibnut

All kinds of stuff in one place.  Things are changing fast in the towns.  But they think I should wear shoes when going into Dangriga, Bel-pon or BC.  What the hell are shoes, or underwear for that matter?  Ah daan need that shit out here back-a-bush

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