Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's hot here

News from Belize
It's about 0930 hours (when i wrote this, and posting at about 1030 and it's hotter) and the temp is already 90F. Humidy about 80 percent. Was gonna work in the farm. I think that will wait until this evening. Swimming may be a good option. Then write some on my blog

Right now I'm making some more ice so my old hen can go crank up some nice home-made ice cream. Her ice cream is damn good, but is a lot of work. So hopefully by my seista time I'll have enough ice so she can get to work and have it ready when I wake up.

Yesterday was so hot everybody was grouchy.  Well, almost everybody.

Water truck men were grouchy

Kenny at Suzi's store was grouchy

Mr. Rum was grouchy. But I think that was because he's having a hard time catching the birds. That and Mr. Lido likes to chase him.

 Guess I was the only happy person around. Well, Mr. Lido is always happy. He always greats me the gate when I come home and jumps up and down and wags his tail. He's so happy happy

How 'bout these choppers from happy Mr. Lido?
Hell yeah! Life is good. Love is easy.

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  1. Well, it's very hot again today. About 0530 I woke up my old hen and told her to start making my damn chocolate home-made ice cream. That was a big mistake.