Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Operation Tomadachi

Operation Tomodachi:  "Tomodachi" in Japanese, means friend or friendship, depending on the context it's used in.  My old hen translated a message she got from a friend back in Japan and is listed below. I removed the name of the sender since I can not make contact.  But I am so proud of our guys and gals out there doing what they can to help, and to keep the security systems running even during these very unusal times.

Pete, Todd, Misae, Riko, and the rest of you guys and gals -- you all know who you are -- I am so damn proud of you all.  You are heros!


A Japanese friend of mine, email from her friend from Osaka, Japan, on 3/31/2011 and forwarded to me.  This is my translation of part of his email.  Osaka is far from the affected area. 
“The U.S. military is pursuing Operation “Tomodachi” at various places in Tohoku (northeast) region.  Thank you, America!  Those who had been saying, “There is no need for US-Japan Security Treaty” are keeping silence.
We are indebted to America.  We’re just so grateful to them.
Sendai Airport was utterly destroyed by tsunami, but the U.S. military worked hard on restoration by camping out at the lobby and eating canned food only.  Today, the airport was brought back to the condition so that their transport plane could land as the first one.  Thank God!!”

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