Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday at Coco Plum

Wow, what a lot of fun this last Sunday.  We were invited to a pool party at the Villas at CocoPlum here on the Placencia Peninsula.  I had been wanting to see the place, but just never set aside the time.

Sooooo....  with a party, free hor d'ceurve, and happy hour drinks, me and Esmeralda dropped by.  The band "Just Us" was playing and they are good.  In fact, a few weeks ago they helped me tune up my guitar so I can start practicing out on the beach again.

Mr. B was a great host and everyone was very cool.  Got to see a lot of my local buddies and Esmeralda had a lot of fun chatting with the other ladies. 

The rooms and entire property are all very well cared for.  A bit high-scale for and old salt like me, but the afternoon was very nice and I was impressed with the attention to detail of both the party and the property.  Here's a couple of pics of beautiful Belize. (But never fear, later I'll show you pics of the not-so-nice side of Belize.  I wouldn't be a good social anthropologist if I didn't go underground too).

Fun Times

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