Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan Day in Belize City

It's Sunday morning (well it’s Sunday night now but I started this in the morning) and I'm having meat pies for breakfast at my friend's place on Eyre St. Will be heading back west and then south soon and will post pics tonight or tomorrow on my blog. We had so much good sushimi, sushi, California rolls, omuraisu, and other goodies. I'm stuffed. But I have more to take home whooooo hooooo!
I got to meet with the Japanese Ambassador and he was a really nice dude. But I got's say, his Cultural Officer was friggin hot! She got a smoking bod fa sure. I was the happy man to see her come by the after-event social and invited us to meet in Jamaica.  The old hen kept kicking me to try & stop me from staring, but it didn't work.  Sorry guys, I didn’t get any pics of her, but there are some other good ones below...

During Saturday night's dinner, our host, a Japanese businessman from Mexico gave a nice "shout out" for the efforts of my 7th Fleet comrades that are providing support and acknowledge how I used to work there in Yokosuka. I thought that was cool as some of my friends are still there and providing a lot of support.

Not confirmed, but I heard Western Union is going to match the funds and wire them for us. For a poor country like Belize, I think this is very cool. Our host for Saturday night’s dinner gave all volunteers dinner and drinks. At the end he gave me and the old hen a bottle of "Ron Flor de Cana" and a "Something Special Blended Scotch" for helping out.

Speaking of support, at the dinner we counted the money and we made almost BZ$12,000. I was amazed, and it is all donated to Japan relief efforts.  A very cool event all told.

Setting up the site
Still setting up Saturday Morning

A nice facility

The Japanese and Taiwanese Ambassadors chat

Lil kid enjoying

Beautiful lady and kimono

Another beautiful lady and kimono

Time to get to work

Her Japanese arts and crafts made a lot of money for the charity

Singing the Japanese and then the Belizean National Anthems

Ambassador discusses the disaster

I didn't know there was a Belize / Japan friendship society but they came and supported

Bowen and Bowen company donated some sodas to sell

Listening to the opening ceremonies

Now it's time to eat yeah!!!!

Selling food and having fun.  I was security man watching the cash

Peeps buying food tickets and having fun

Making friends

Good damn food man

More friendships being made

Pretty girls tasting good food

Queing up for more food

Ah luv Yakatori

Done eating and having fun.  Time to relax and check out the sites.

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