Monday, March 14, 2011

Another normal day in Belize

Hello family and friends!  Been a while since we chatted so thought I'd give a short update.  Still just working on my lil house project.  Have up the fence, got my guard cat and guard dog (see previous posts) and now I just got to finish some land/beachscape and get me a boat, and some more internal work on the houses.   
Porkman over by the corner has some new chickens & pigs.  Reefman from a nearby resort has put out a "hit" offering $15 for anyone that "offs" BriaPorkman's rooster.  I suggested he get the rooster a new watch so he would know that 2am is not sunrise.
I have been harvesting my coconuts and watermelons.  Have planted some peppers, limes, and lemons, so will see how well that works.  Have got some bananas and more should be ready soon.  Have another Cumberland Road crop way out in the jungle.
Was sitting on my quarter deck yesterday evening when Porkman comes running up yelling for me to get my shotgun.  Hells bells, I thought there had been some robbery or something and I'm one of only two peeps in this community legally armed.  But it turned out he had spotted some curassows back-a-bush so we went and shot one.  It's kind of like a turkey.  The other two flew away after i shot.  But we got one for dinner.
The drama never end on a beach jungle!
Am hoping for some rain soon as we are about to run out of water.  Well, we have a lot of sea water but our fresh water all comes off the roofs and we have been using a lot of the water for the cement foundation of the fence.  I guess if we don't get rain soon I'll have to go up to the river with some barrels.
Me and The Doctor went up to the quarry by the Mayan Center yesterday and thieved some dirt to make the foundation under the gate where I'll eventually have a boat.  Had a nice swim in the river on the way back.  May go back there soon for a lil more dirt and take the cast net for catching some river fish.
Not much else new.  We are looking forward to Japan Culture Day coming up.  Have our wedding anniversary soon to.   No plans yet, but should do something really fun like go fishing.

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