Friday, March 25, 2011

Metropolatian Riversdale

My lil home in Riversdale is very interesting and eclectic.  This post is still a DRAFT so you may want to go lower and check out Guatemala....

Here is Lake Riversdale.  When it rains west of us this becomes a river.  Also known as Black Creek.  Before we got electricity and cisterns to hold rain water, this was also the community bath.  As far as I know, the crocadiles in there never got any humans.  They no mess with me because if they bite me, I'll bite them back. 

The Riversdale Air Force doing a flyover.  Don't underestimate the damage they can do with thier "bombs"
Riversdale Marina

Riversdale fishing club.  We have a plethora of entertainment and educational activites for all interests.

Riversdale community center and aquatic club.  AKA Lost Reef Resort

SouthWest Central Riversdale

Central Metropolitan Riversdale

SouthEast Central Riversdale

Riversdale Agricultural Center and Pig Farm


Dog attacking the waves.  More to come later...

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