Sunday, January 1, 2012

Visit to Gales Point Manatee

A visit to Gales Point in Belize.  Sorry, I have been really lame at getting this info posted.  So I will at least get started here...  We went to Gales Point Manatee off the Costal highway for Christmas.  The idea was to see the Christmas "brammin," the Manatee santuary, and have some real origininal Creol food. 

we were succesful.  I'll start here with the lodging since I have been so slow in getting this posted.  Basically we stayed at the Manatee Lodge since the B&B's were all full.  The lodge was closed but Clifton Bailey let us stay there and he had to head up northward for some personal bidnez, so me and the old hen had the whole place to ourselves. 

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