Saturday, January 28, 2012

Come & Explore Jungle and Fishing Deep in The Heart of Belize

Beach on one side, jungle on the other side, in a small ecletic Central American country.

Angle's Cabins in the sothern end of the comminity of Riversdale offer a nice ombiance.  Now I will provide two disclamers right up front:  1.  I have not stayed there as a guset.  I know the owners since I live here and they are good peeps. 2.  I have no financial interest in thier business.  but I do think it's a nice area and with the family owned bidnez you can have a lot of fun.  Mr. & Mrs. Alberto can help you with food, fishing, diving, tours, and all kinds of stuff.

I visited the cabanas and the property is super clean and very nice -- right on the beach.

I will invite the owners to comment with info on prices and contact should you want to come visit out lil beach by the jungle.