Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mystic River Resort

OK, I know I promised this several weeks ago.  But have been a bit busy, But here now are some pics of the Mystic River Resort in Cayo, with the small band that came from the Caye.  The whole event was well done, with good music, good drinks and food, and good times.

 On a steep bank of the Macal River, Mystic River Resort offers a eco-friendly retreat with the best of all worlds to those who travel to Belize. In this oasis of privacy, serenity and rejuvenation, there are no crowds, just the soothing sound of birds, rustling trees and soft breezes. Mystic River Resort, located in the jungle of Belize, 7 miles from the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, makes it a good spot to be "off the beaten path," but still colse enough to the action and shopping in town.

Good music and good times

This lil feller felt left out of the party

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