OK, I know some of ya'll maybe tired of hearing about my chirren. But this was so funny I fell down. Last night I come home from working on my lil farm. Took the wireless laptop out to the beachside deck and was rocking to some Thin Lizzy, Metallica, Toby Keith, Looking Glass and more while watching the stars and contemplating the universe. Mr. Rum was zoned out on the table and Mr. Lido was crying at my feet. The old hen come out and stood there a minute pondering my sanity.

Then she ask why Lido look sad -- and this is no kidding -- I said I told Lido about the vet going to cut his balls off next weekend. The old hen started laughing and making giggling sounds at Lido. Whereupon Lido got up and went and put a lil bite right on the crotch of her pants and looked at her right in the eyes. He didn’t bite her, he just put a lil bite right on the crotch of her pants. I'm not making this up. I fell out of my chair and abused my alcohol drink by spilling it I was laughing so hard. The old hen with eyes wide as could be told me that me and Lido are both crazy. Then she went back inside and me and the chirren continued our lil get-together looking out over the Sea and stars.