Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 Placencia Lobster Fest

June 21, 2011.  Ate too much.  Drank too much.  Got bit by a dog.  But I did mange to stay out of jail!

For those that may not know, catching lobsters are forbidden during a certain season to be sure they can reporduce and keep the population.  When the season opens, around late June, many of the fishing villages and the Cayes celebrate with lobster fests.  Of course it seems like there is always some kind of fest around.

I'm going to start a sand fly fest.  But this is about lobsters right now.  I wasn't real impressed with the food.  But there was a lot of fun!

Pics of the beautiful people and fun times. 

Ummm. very nice

i really didn't find the food all that good.  I thought the fritters were the best.  But the eye candy canot be beat...
plenty of good musica

Um... what was I thinking of?

More to come so check back often

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