Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red Bank, Belize (DRAFT)

Red Bank Belize is a small Mayan village near mile 36 of the Southern Highway.  There is a sign on the highway showing a road that heads west, The Village is about four miles down a graded dirt road.  Although the road is graded, it’s still very rough so it took me a while to get there has I don’t want to break my pony’s tires. 

BLUF – It’s a good place to visit if you come this away (and I bet most of you don’t know wat BLUF means ha ha ha).

Three things that I know of make Red Bank interesting.  I think the most think interesting to visitors are the Scarlet Macaws.  Thing on that, however, is that they migrate so you have to get there at the right time for that.  I was too late this year, but maybe next time…  Another are the waterfalls.  The river that runs down stream is teaming with fish, so take a hook and a line with ya.  The third thing is the Village itself.  Full of mayan culture, very friendly people, and very much influenced my the Church of Latter Day Saints.  In fact, the main events almost every evening revolve around the Church.  Needless to say I got me some strange looks when I walked into the service with a beer in hand.

But I got there and went for a lil walkabout.  Further west of the Village is a campground and some trails that head out to the waterfalls.

Panaramic view of the camp grounds

Scarlet Macaw Bed & Breakfast.  This place is at the eastern most edge of the Village and the only place you can get a beer for miles around.  They have a few very basic rooms, but for $25BZ I was happy

The rooms consist of a bed, a fan, and a light.  But they were clean and secure.  Basic room was $25.  Room was a bed and fan.  That was all I needed.  They have electricity but other than a basic kitchen not much else.  My cell phone wouldn’t connect from out there and that was fine as I didn’t want to hear from anybody anyway. 

Amenities --Biliken $3.50.  Soda $1.  Dinner of hot dog, scrambled eggs, refried beans, and more fried jack than I could possibly fit into my belly was $7.00.  The good conversation with Florentiono and the nice young lady that cooked was free.  So it was a nice place to get some rest and refuel before hiking to the nearby waterfalls.

If you want to tell them you are coming, call the owner Florintino at 660-6320.  It’s not like you have to make a reservation, but if you want dinner or any other amenities it might be good to give time to get supplies.

A few of the bare essentials you need when hiking.  There are more, but these are a definite MUST TAKE. 

Seems most of my videos at the falls, village, and B&B, didn’t come thru.  So this is still in DRAFT.  Guess I have to take me a lil walk back there for some pictures, and get that gal to fix  me up some more dinner to fill my belly.  So more to come later.

BTW, would you stay at the bed & breakfast?  I just wonder how picky you guys are?
Be sure to take a few of the bare essentials you need when hiking.  There are more, but these are a definite MUST TAKE. 

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