Monday, May 23, 2011


Chocolate and wine, oh hell yeah!  The annual Cacao Fest was held 20-22 May.  I was amazed to learn how much cacao is grown in southern Belize by mostly Mayan villagers.  Also the surprising to me was the amount and quality of chocolate treats made and sold.  A lot Belizean chocolate is made and sold into international markets.

Wine with chocolate?  Oh hell yes.  It was good. 

Fireworks were very good and made for a nice finale.

A taste of the beans was a bit bitter.  but after they were processed into chocolate the candy was of excellent quality.

Some really cool musica made for a good atmosphere.

Some of the chocolate producers.  I'll have some pics of one of the factories in another blog.  But all I can say is I ate way too much candy, but it was damn good.

All in all, an excellent night.  Chocolate, wine, music, good people, nice atmosphere, and fireworks.  Yup.

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