Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Resteraunt in Santa Cruz

Went to visit the new "Delicious" restaurant in Santa Cruz.  Ming, the former owner of Ming's grocery across from the police station, and his wife own and operate this new bar restaurant.  Phone number to order take out is 607-5577 and 637-4247

Nice new building looks good in the Village.  On the corner past Happy Ranch
Food is typical basic village working class restaurant.  Fried shrimp, chicken, fried rice, chow mien, etc.  Prices were decent.  $15bz for large plate of fried shrimp and french fries.  There was about a one and half dozen shrimp.  Will try the chicken as that's a take-out food I like to pick up once in a while.

Several basic tables and chairs, sound system, full bar and two pool tables.Ming told me more furnishings and more menu items to come.

For a decent no-frills meal at budget end prices was pretty good.  Good location for stopping off when doing business along the hwy towns and villages.  Also a quick ride for those in Riversdale and Caribbean way as the drive avoids all the curves and speed bumps along Placencia road.  If you go that way, be sure to stop off and visit Suzy and Kenny's grocery (formerly of Maya beach).

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