Every single day I hear of a murder, shooting, robery and such. Everyday without exception.

But here is something from a country I have lived for many years that makes me smile...


Oct 24, 2011

Belize has been awarded approximately six million Belize dollars in grant
funding from the Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF) through the World
Bank. Minister of Health Pablo Marin, explained that this will fund a
project that will improve the health and nutrition of children in Mayan
communities of the Toledo district. This grant donation will officially be
handed over at a ceremony to be held tomorrow. According to the Ministry
of Health, the grant is intended to improve the health of children through
an approach that focuses on pre-natal care and nutrition, monitoring of
expecting mothers and also through school health interventions at the
primary school level. The project also intends to address malnutrition in
children under age five, develop healthy lifestyle programmes for Primary
school children, strengthen the access of community-based health services
and also promote behavior change in the attitude and perception towards
health in the selected communities. While the Ministry of Health is the
grant recipient, the Toledo District Health Council will be the
implementing agency responsible for the administration, monitoring and
evaluation of the project. A team from the World Bank lead by Carmen Carpio
will be visiting Belize during this week to plan site visits to schools in
the southern districts and also facilitate workshop sessions with Ministry
of Health representatives and community leaders of the south. The JSDF is
funded by the Government of Japan and administered by the World Bank. The
fund has been an important source of financing for lower income countries
around the world.